Has Kevin Durant Become the Best in the World?

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Is it time to name Kevin Durant “Best Player in the World”? No, this is a legitimate question. If not, what more do you feel he would have to do? This is how you separate the real basketball fans from the haters and LeBron stans. Real basketball fans will give you legitimate milestones he would have to reach in order to surpass LeBron James. These are the basketball fans you can have a legitimate conversation with.

However, you have the stans, that would stand up for LeBron no matter what. If he were to average 16 points a game for the rest of the season, they would claim that he is just trying to figure out his personnel and get them ready to make a run in the playoffs. Players have been playing very well lately, and it’s definitely time that we have that conversation, especially when it comes to Kevin Durant. Then you have other players averaging triple doubles, near 30-point double-doubles, and back-to-back 50-point games.

Keep it Simple…

LeBron has done so much, especially in the last 8 years, that really the only way he can lose the title of best player in the world, is if he shows decline, or under-performs. However, many people argue that he’s having the best statistical year he’s ever had. First off, he is averaging a career high in assists per game, passing his previous career high last season. Secondly, LeBron is shooting 57% from the field this year, rivaling his two championship seasons in Miami. Third, he is averaging 8.1 rebounds per game, only surpassed by his 8.6 rebounds per game he averaged just last year.

Call me crazy, but you’re going to struggle to find somebody performing this well in their 15th season, especially someone who has played as much as LeBron in the playoffs. Therefore, I must say that the title of “Best Player in the World” is a title that he’s going to have to lose, as opposed to someone taking it from him. In my opinion, if he loses before he gets to the NBA finals, or he makes it to the finals, and underperforms, I’m going to have to name Kevin Durant “Best Player in the World”. This is going along with the foregone conclusion that Golden State will be going to the NBA finals.

“B-but he joined the warriors. The team that beat him”.

I’m not going to lie, this is a legitimate point. However, this is NBA basketball, and you can only hold on to it for so long. Franchises are now building their teams to beat the Golden State Warriors. For example, you take the Rockets bringing in Chris Paul, Oklahoma City bringing in Carmelo Anthony and Paul George, the Minnesota Timberwolves bringing in Jimmy Butler to their already young and talented core, etc. I’m not big on long-term excuses. People are generally going to discount that first ring that he won, because of how he won it. However, what happens after that first year, is completely up to the other NBA franchises, and the players themselves. If superstar players continue to chase money, and NBA franchises refuse to build teams to truly compete for a championship, that’s on them.

No matter what happens, I am definitely a fan of LeBron James, and the work that he’s done off of the court. However, it’s time for someone new to take the throne of the man that we have been referring to as “The King” since he was a teenager. It might be happening sooner than you think.